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European Green cities Award

European Green cities Award

France wins second edition of the prestigious European Green Cities Award

After the city of Beringen in Belgium in 2020, Nantes in France wins the second edition of the European Green Cities Award, organised by the European Nurserystock Association (ENA) within the framework of the promotional project ‘Green Cities Europe’.

Le Jardin Extraordinaire, from old stone quarry to lush park with stunning views

Le Jardin extraordinaire or 101st garden of Nantes has become an attraction. The former Miséry stone quarry has been transformed into an extraordinary, lush garden. Thanks to an incredibly rich plant palette with amongst others tree ferns, century-old ivy and banana trees, an exotic atmosphere is created, adapted to the pre-existing micro climate on site. Moreover, a promenade with seven stunning viewpoints links the park to Nantes’ bustling Chantenay district.

The jury was clear. This future-proof concept enhances economic and cultural attractiveness of the city of Nantes and brings people together in a social environment. Jardin Extraordinaire is a perfect example of close cooperation between landscape architects, designers and plant growers. The integration of biodiversity with a well-considered plant selection and waterfall all connected in the existing landscape is considered very innovative.

Le Jardin Extraordinaire competed in this year’s competition with 12 other projects from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.


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About the award

The Award is an initiative of the project ‘Green Cities Europe’. This is a platform that stimulates the greening of public space by providing innovative ideas, information based on scientific research and technical expertise. The activities of this platform focus on certain themes: health, climate, economy, biodiversity and social cohesion. The project is an initiative by the ENA (European Nurserystock Association) and nursery organisations in Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Sweden. The award is running in these 13 countries.

Interested in participating in the European Green Cities Award 2022? Please contact your local authorities:

  • BE: Jarne Depaepe, AVBS =>
  • BG: Yuliana Popova, BAOPN =>
  • DK: Henning Roed, Danske Planteskoler =>
  • FR: Emmanuelle Bougault, VAL’HOR =>
  • DE: Markus Guhl, Bund deutscher Baumschulen e.V. =>
  • GR: John Kitantzis, HEPEXIA =>
  • HU: Julianna Csikor, Magyar Díszkertészek Szövetsége =>
  • IE: Michal Slawski, Bord Bia => Michal.Slawski@BordBia.IE
  • IT: Maurizia Castellari, ANVE =>
  • NL: Leon Smet, Royal Anthos =>
  • PL: Joanna Filipczak, Polish Nurserymen Association =>
  • PT: Paula Vilanova, APPP-FN =>
  • SE: Maja Persson, LRF Trädgard =>

Who are the participants?

One project per participating country is allowed in the international competition. The participating countries are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, The Netherlands and Sweden. The official submitter is ultimately the party that financed the project.

The judging process

Each participating country sends one jury member. These are the members of the jury:

  • DE: Mr. Jan-Dieter Bruns, Tree Nursery and President of the jury
  • DK: Mr. Morten Weeke Borup, Architect
  • BE: Mr. Rudi Geerardyn, Landscape Architect
  • BG: Ms. Velyana Naidenova, Landscape Architect
  • FR: Mrs. Catherine Muller, Landschape Architect
  • PT: Mr. Albano Moreira, Nurseryman
  • HU: Mr. Gergely Rónai, Horticultural Engineer
  • SE: Mr. Patrick Svenson, Nurseryman
  • IT: Ms. Novella Cappelletti, Landscape Architect
  • GR: Mr. Nikos Thymakis, Landscape Consultant
  • IE: Mr. Michal Slawski, Horticultural sector manager
  • NL: Mr. Tom Bosschaert, Engineer/Architect
  • PL: Mrs. Magdalena Szmit-Siewruk, Landschape Architect
  • IFLA: Diana Culescu, Secretary manager IFLA and Landschape Architect
  • ELCA: Ms. Nesrin Karaoglu, Landscape Architect and Contractor
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