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European Green cities Award

European Green cities Award

Green Cities Award guide

Registration European Green Cities Award 2021 opened

Which European project makes the best use of the added value of green infrastructures in the living environment? The second edition of The European Green Cities Award will be presented in the autumn of 2021. The award is for a project that makes optimal use of the added value of green space in the urban environment.

Price winning projects that let green excel in its positive impact on urban welfare

As part of the “More Green Cities for Europe” campaign, a yearly, international contest with award ceremony will be organised. The contest started in 2020 with a first edition in The Netherlands. In 2021 Belgium will be the host.

The goal of the award

The European Green Cities Award encourages successful, ambitious, inspiring and innovative green infrastructures projects.

What projects participate

All inspiring projects that make optimum use of the added value of green infrastructures in the living environment can participate.

For imaging some examples:

• Interior planting of a school

• A new residential area with public gardens

• A business garden with workplaces

• A hospital with green treatment rooms

• A new city park with sports and play facilities

• A green renovated industrial estate

(Participating projects need to be fully realised and put into use no more than 5 years ago.)

Who is the participant?

Any person involved in the project can initiate an application. The official submitter is ultimately the party that financed the project.

One project per participating country is allowed in the internationale competition. The participating countries are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, The Netherlands and Sweden.

For more information about the national selection process in each country, please contact the local contact person of your country:

  • Belgium:
  • Bulgaria:
  • Denmark:
  • France:
  • Germany:
  • Greece:
  • Hungary:
  • Ireland: Michal.Slawski@BordBia.IE
  • Italy:
  • The Netherlands:
  • Poland:
  • Portugal:
  • Sweden:

For the selected candidate of each country

The project nominee per participating country has to fill in the submitting form, which you will receive from your local contact person. All necessary details about the international award process are stated in this document.


In July 2020, the best green projects in 7 countries were selected for the Green Cities for a sustainable Europe Award. An international professional jury then assessed these projects and selected the best project. On December 3rd 2020, the winning project was announced in an online talk show.


With its transformation of an industrial coal mine area to a green social gem, the community of Beringen has set the bar for next year’s contest.

Watch the announcement of the European Green Cities Award winner.







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