17.11.2023 Portugal

“Conhecer e valorizar a biodiversidade das cidades” por Cristina Máguas na Conferência “Biodiversidade nas Cidades: A importância dos Espaços Verdes”

Doutorada em Biologia, Ecologia Vegetal e Sistemática, pela Universidade de Lisboa, atualmente trabalha como Professora Associada de Ecologia e Fisiologia Vegetal no Departamento de Biologia Vegetal da Faculdade de C

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29.11.2023 - 30.11.2023 Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, Copenhagen

Build for Water

Expert presentations and discussions about the impact of climate change on our cities and societies and which conditions we have to get used to.
At the Build for Water conference, you can meet some of the leadin

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29.11.2023 Пловдив, България

Кръгла маса на тема „Зеленината в градовете – здраве, щастие и красота” се проведе в Пловдив

На 29-и ноември (вторник) от 13:00 ч. в Пловдив се проведе кръгла маса на тема „Зеленината в градовете – здраве, щастие и кр

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14.12.2023 Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment - Delft University of Technology

Designing Green Cities – Forest Urbanism

Last year, we organised a successful lecture series on designing green cities. This year, we are continuing this successful formula. In autumn 2023, we will organise a series of three lectures with once again with eng

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