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The diversity of shapes and colours that shrubs provide makes them an essential element in a green landscape. Whether used for beds, hedging or combinations with other plants, there are many excellent varieties, many of which are suitable for large-scaled management. Certain deciduous and evergreen shrubs are known to be effective at reducing quantities of particulates, nitrous oxide and ozone in the air. Good examples are Euonymus (Burning Bush) varieties and cultivars of Berberis x frikartii, Rosa (Rose) and Potentilla fruticosa (Bush Cinquefoil). They also have ornamental value; shrub roses bloom for months, Ilex (Holly) produces attractive berries, and Cornus alba (Siberian Dogwood) features red twigs.


Euonymus (Burning Bush), Berberis x frikartii, Rosa (Rose), Potentilla fruticosa (Bush Cinquefoil), Ilex (Holly), Symphoricarpos (Snowberry), Cornus alba (Siberian Dogwood), Amelanchier lamarkii (Service Berry), Buddleja davidii (Butterfly Bush), Ceanothus (Californian Lilac), Taxus (Yew), Viburnum (Snowball Bush), Potentilla fruticosa (Bush Cinquefoil)

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